Early Childhood Partners (ECP) is a group of professionals who specialize in the early years of child development when support has the biggest impact on lifelong success. Our goal is to increase quality in all early childhood environments with a focus on improving social and emotional skills in children, teachers, caregivers, and families. Highly qualified and experienced in the area of early childhood, the ECP team is able to bring the most current information on what is considered best practice for children birth to 8 years old.

Current Projects

The Coaching and Consultation project started in 2000 with funding from Eagle County Health and Human Services. It has served thousands of children and their families from various socio-economic backgrounds and has ongoing involvement with more than 15 childcare programs annually. Each program identifies their own goals and works with ECP to design a program that enhances the quality of their program.

Take our highly effective parenting class series: The Incredible Years Parenting Class. These classes are offered in both Spanish and English and are free of charge to the parents with refreshments and child care provided. Over 100 parents participate in the parenting classes each year.

Early Childhood Partners works to coordinate a professional development plan for early childhood providers.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a yearly development screening. To help achieve this goal, ECP is working to provide screenings for all children at all child care programs. Screenings are free and can be scheduled by calling Emily at 303-817-1095.

ECP can provide support to programs working with children with persistent challenging behaviors, striving to assure that all children are successful. If a child passed a developmental screening and does not qualify for special education services, additional support may still be needed to help a child with persistent challenging behaviors achieve success in school. If you have such a child, please call ECP to schedule a meeting; we may be able to provide you with strategies that can help.


Now I have tools to help them to learn from many situations.

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